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A mini-stick that’s more precise than an AIMBOT

Arm yourself with optimal precision thanks to super-responsive clicks and smooth movements, with the S5 NXG ORANGE backlit mini-stick compatible with ESWAP gamepads.

Thanks to modular Hot-Swap technology, you can instantly replace any mini-stick module that’s been worn out during many hours of gaming on ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER or ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER.

Don’t change your whole gamepad — just the module!



S5CO NXG MINI-STICK MODULE is an orange backlit (thanks to built-in LEDs) next-generation (NXG) analog mini-stick for ESWAP gamepads. This new mini-stick provides enhanced precision with dead zone management and optimal smoothness of movement, along with an extended lifespan of 2 million activations. Cutting-edge T-MOD technology allows for unlimited mini-stick replacement capability, thereby allowing users to avoid having to buy a whole new gamepad.

The S5CO mini-stick is compatible with the entire Thrustmaster ESWAP gamepad range: ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER and ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER.

This product is an officially-licensed Xbox device, compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Windows 10, 11).


  • Orange backlit LED S5 NXG next-generation mini-stick with a longer lifespan and enhanced precision
  • Adjustable backlighting function (three different levels)
  • Modular technology allows for unlimited mini-stick replacement capability
  • Compatible with ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER and ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER gamepads
  • Replacement mini-stick for sale individually, to be prepared in the event that the original module is ever lost or broken (lets you avoid having to buy a whole new gamepad)
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