TM Flying Clamp

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100% metal desk and table clamp, for use with PC. Mounting system for joystick, throttle quadrant, or throttle (compatible with the Thrustmaster TCA and T.16000M FCS product ranges, plus the TWCS throttle).

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About TM Flying Clamp

The TM Flying Clamp is the first mounting system specially designed by Thrustmaster for its flight simulation accessories.

Crafted of 100% metal, the TM Flying Clamp is a must-have for gaming sessions without a cockpit, ensuring realistic, safe and comfortable use.

The TM Flying Clamp works with desks and tables from 0.6–1.8 inches / 15–45 mm thick.

This adaptable, non-slip system can be installed and removed quickly, easily and securely.

Developed to facilitate enhanced gaming ergonomics for all users, the TM Flying Clamp is a solidly-built solution for use with popular Thrustmaster product ranges (TCA Airbus Edition [Sidestick, Quadrant and Quadrant Add-On], and T.16000M FCS), as well as with the TWCS throttle.

The TM Flying Clamp is an ambidextrous system, and can be used in two different ways — either to the left or to the right of the virtual pilot.


  • Sturdy structure (100% metal): a solid, secure and firm mounting system with two clamping screws.
  • Mounting system with non-slip feet, to protect the surface of the desk or table and for better grip.
  • Quickly and easily removable: won’t be in your way when you’re not using it for flight simulation.
  • Ambidextrous system: can be positioned for either left or right-handed use.
  • Compatible with the Thrustmaster TCA (Thrustmaster Civil Aviation) and T.16000M FCS product ranges.
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